How to Install WordPress Site in Single 5$ VPS (Easy App& Free)


Are you using shared hosting with cPanel?

I am sure you will pay more money for what you get.

Many of the plans starts from 3$ a month and you will have a lot of restrictions for that plan.

Many of the hosting provider will limit your site for 10,000 visitor a month.

But, you can get 100K+ visitors to your site without any limitation.

For that, you should go with cloud server.


I know many of you would be worried about the server management.

Many of you guys dont have deep server knowledge to handle many things with the server.

No worries

Here, i am going to make your task so simple. 

People are making more money by providing easy to use interface. 

If you learn few things, then you can reduce the cost which you pay for your host. 

Those few things are not hard. 


  • A 5$ Ubuntu16.04/18.04 VPS from Vultr or Digital Ocean. 
  • Putty Software

Get 50$ Credit on Vulture Clouds Here and Test the Instruction for free.

Thats all now. We will use one more web application and i will talk about that later. 

Go to vultr or digital ocean where you can see option for creating a server. 

Mostly their server will be ready within a minute after deployment. 

Navigate the cloud service provider interface. It will be very easy for you to understand. 

After creating server, you can see the password in the detail dashboard in vultr. 

If you use digitalocean, your server password will be emailed to you and you will be requested to change the password

Just type the password. When you type the password, it will be invisible, so dont think that the password is not being typed or the Putty interface is hanging. 

You have to enter the password two times in digital ocean to proceed. 

If you use Vultr, you dont need to change the password during the first time login. 

Install Runcloud App on the Server

Here, we are going to install Runcloud web application on the server. 

For that, first you have to go to runcloud site and signup for the account. 

For the rest of the information, just follow the below video.

When following steps in that article, Add www in your domain which you will use for the site. 

In that way, it will be added to server alias in configuration file. 

I will explain you the reason. 

In runcloud, the hierarchy will be like this

Server->web application->script

You can connect many servers in runcloud using their instructions. 

Also, in a single server, you can deploy multiple site using web application option. 

Here, you will be entering the domain details in web application container. 

The script installer lets you choose the CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, etc to be installed on that web application container. 

Solving Site WWW redirection Issue

Since you can install multiple website in single server, if you dont add www infront of your domain name while creating web application, here is what happens.

Let us say, you have 3 web applications and in that you hosted sites A, B and C. 

Site A is

Site B is

Site C is

Here, runcloud has an option called default web app.

You can setup any site to be default web app.

default web app in runcloud

If you set site B as default web app and you did not add www infront of that, 

When you go to site a by typing, then will be displayed. 

This also happens to 

So, add www while creating the entering the domain name for the web application. 

Here is the second chance for you if you already added domain in runcloud without www. 

Login to your server using WINSCP software, then find the etc folder and then the Conf file. 

Here is how to use Winscp.

Inside that file, you can find file. 

Right click on the file and check the permission. Enable the all the permission from the tab and save. 

Then select file and choose edit. 

The file will open and you can find a line called alias. 

In that add After line. 

It should look something like this


Thats all. 

Save the file and exit. 

Now, your should show its respective domain. 

You can also enable SSL for all your domain using runcloud SSL/TLS option in thier dashboard. 

It will appear when you go to Server

->Web Application->Choose the site->SSL

enable ssl in runcloud

Check the screen shot. 


You can save your money using this method. 

It requires just a little extra effort. This virtual hosting method for hosting multiple wordpress site will help you to have 500$ an year on hosting. 


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