Install TightVNC Ubuntu 16.04 [2 Minutes Tutorial – No Grey Screen]


If you are the new guy comes into cloud or for hosting, then you might have the chance to go with Ubuntu most of the time.

Not only ubuntu, there are a lot other operating systems are used by people on their server.

But, Ubuntu is mostly used because of it’s long term support.

As you are the new guy to server environment, you might not comfortable with Ubuntu command line interface.

Even people makes mistakes in the GUI environment and scratching their heads for hours to find out what mistake they have done.

It is very easy for the new person to went out missing on Ubuntu command line interface.

Here is the short time solution (if you are keen learner ubuntu).

Ubuntu server by default does not contain any desktop environment. You might have few articles and tried their method of long execution and got tired.

Here is just two steps for you guys to install vnc on Ubuntu 16.04.

  1. Install desktop environment on ubuntu server
  2. Install Tight VNC on both server and client and connect them through Putty.

Thats all. You are done

Let me explain the process in detail.


  • You should have configured your Ubuntu 16.04 server according to this guide.
  • A VNC client installed on your local system. If you are windows/Linux user, then you can use Tight VNC
  • If you are Mac user, you can use Real VNC or inbuilt program.
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What is VNC?

VNC stands for Virtual Network Computing System. It helps you to connect with a remote system and access it GUI to work on. it is similar to windows RDP.

Here in this tutorial, we will use TightVNC.

Install TightVNC on Ubuntu

First, update the ubuntu package index using apt-get update.

$ sudo apt-get update

And then, Install TightVNC server on Ubuntu 16.04 using this below command.

$ sudo apt install xfce4 xfce4-goodies tightvncserver

After that, It will ask you to setup a password for the connection. Remember this password is different and you will need it when you access Ubuntu server with Tight VNC client.

Start VNC server using the below command.

$ vncserver

Now, it’s time to install Ubuntu Desktop Environment. Use the command below

$ apt-get install ubuntu-gnome-desktop -y

It will prompt yes/no, press yes to continue.

Once the installation process is over, now, it is time for you to download and install tightvnc on your local machine.

Go to Putty->SSH->Tunnel settings

There, set localhost:5901 and connect to the server with your IP address from Putty.

Then, you can Open the Tight VNC viewer and add the localhost:5901. 

Now, you will be asked for password. Here you have to enter the password which you have set in the above step.

Now, you can see your Ubuntu server screen.

Note: If you have not installed Desktop environment, you will get gray screen.

To stop the VNC, use the below command.

$ vncserver -kill :1

You can start vnc again, just simply entering vncserver in command prompt.


Now, you have learned How to install TightVNC on Ubuntu 16.04.

You can do many tasks on Ubuntu without your tightvnc. there are various types of desktop environment. You can install your desired version.

Make sure to subscribe for the upcoming tutorial and learn cloud. If you have any issues, just contact us using the form or comment below.


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