How to Setup [Free] Business Email for Any Site Hosted on VPS/Server (cPanel Not Required)


If you are a blogger or business website owner, then you likely to get your site done on any CMS such as wordpress, Majento and more.

Also, some will develop their site from scratch using HTML, CSS and more.

When you create site, if you use a cPanel, it is fine for you to create a webmail and use.

But, if you hosted on any individual server/vps, then you have to host your email with any of the server provider.


You may use Gsuite or solution from your hosting provider. For that you have to pay.


Today, I am going to show How to setup your business email for free even if you dont have cPanel or any other Website management web application.


  1. CloudFlare (It is free, so dont worry)

Here, incase if you directly use your domain name providers name servers, then its fine.

You can do basic setup from your domain name server itself.

However, doing this task with Cloudflare is much easier.

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Let us dive into action.

The Free Business Email Service Provider – Zoho

You might all have heared about Zoho.

They are the one of the best people in industry for long time.

Also Zoho Provides the same exact services as Gmail and even with better GUI and functions.

First, Head over to their site and signup for the account.

First, you will see their paid plans. Scroll down to the bottom to see Free Plan as well.

How to setup business email for free

They will ask your domain name in the first step and on the go, they will ask you the rest of the detail in the second step.

Here is how the screen will look like in second step.

free email setup wizard

Enter All the Required details and Hit agree box then signup.

After that, you will see the window saying”account created successfully”

In order for the mail to be received and being send from the zoho mail server, you have to configure them with your Name service provider.

From there, they will guide you through the records and will show you how to setup each of them.

The basic thing is they will ask you to create MX records, TXT records, SPF and more.

You can find this field in your domain service provider panel mostly under “manage domain section


There you can go and update the records.

Free Email Setup with Domain Name Service Provider

Here is the video Explaining How to setup Zoho Mail

If you have setup your domain with Cloudflare, then the above video will help.

If you want setup the domain email with your name service provider, then refer this below video.

Free Email Setup with Cloud Flare

Once you create those records, please verify them to use.

You can create upto 5 user account with 25GB limit for the emails.


If you need any assistance, use the contact us page or comment here.

You can host your site at once place and host your email at another place.

Many of you are paying huge money for business email setup.

Zoho is free and will help you save money. I am personally using Zoho for many of my sites.

Free version is enough until, you switch to email marketing.

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