The Best Hosting Company I have Ever Seen and Why ? (Hostwind Review)

The Best Hosting Company I have Ever Seen and Why ? (Hostwind Review)

Selva Kumar

I have worked in 3 hosting companies, so i am telling the truth as well as the best one i have seen ever.

Please read the whole answer to understand how the hosting companies basically works and you can find my recommended hosting in the last section.

There are 4 main things we as a customer always see when buying a hosting plan

✔️ Customer Support

✔️ Best Price

✔️ Uptime

✔️ Money Back Guarantee for Risk free trial

Here is what most of the companies are

❌ Many of the companies out there are not professionals.

❌ They dont have data center but resellers of server space.

❌ They can’t do anything when the server goes down. Only Data Center people has to clear the issue and get back to these guys.

❌ Many of them running it for money and only few of them doing it for passion and entrepreneurial mind. 🙂

❌ They have inexperienced guy who replies your tickets with irrelevant answers.

What will Happen When you Buy Hosting from them?

✔️ Initially everything will be smooth

✔️Server will up and run for sometime

Then this is what happens

❌ Someone attacks the server and it goes down. Happens with many hosting companies as they dont have proper mechanism for advanced level of protection

❌ You raise a ticket and dont get any reply from these guys and no support at all

❌ Your Google ranking will Go down if it happens frequently

90% of the hosting out there are not upto the standard

Now, let me tell you the best hosting company i have ever seen and jealous of their service and infrastructure.

Most You guys always see ads and buy right?

Those advertisers makes lot of claims.

But, the company i am suggesting have never done great advertisement but has many customers and has 3 data centers across US and other zones.

They are getting their business mostly from referrals and search engines.

The company is Hostwind

I am suggesting everyone to this hosting company. Many of you dont even know their existence.

But, they are the best one out there.

Let us see my experience with them and what they have for all of us




These sentence are absolutely true and i have seen their dedication of their time.

Once i have hosting account with them and there was a windows VPS running on their server.

I used this VPS for scrapebox purpose.

I had a small issue in connecting with my VPS and these guys just took 30 minutes to solve the issue.

Their best ever thing is their Faster Support System.

If you have doubt, just visit their site and see.

  1. There will be always a person from sales team/technical team.
  2. Their response is almost instant
  3. They calmly answer your queries and resolve issue or clear any doubts.

My VPS never went down in my experience. It is always online as i am using that for scrapping works.


I am not making any crazy promises here. Better directly talk with those guys and use the service.

You will realize my words.

All of the three companies i have worked with never cared about their customers.

But, this guys have done amazing job.

You will never see a digital marketing guy worked for one hosting company praising another company. Their service and dedication made me to speak and recommend them.

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